We are for the health conscious. For the gluten freedairy freerefined sugar free people that crave nutritious fuel for their body.

Our mixes are all that and more.

How's this for impressive; each of our products are allergy friendly and contain more than 20% vegan pea protein per serve.

When health collides with taste... it's a wonderful thing.


Around 4 years ago I became intolerant to almost every food under the sun. I was sick, tired, stressed and had no idea why. It wasn't until my skin joined the party and went from a flawless hue to a disaster that would rival a teenagers, that I realised that my diet was the cause. So I cut the crap and started researching.

Safe to say I was traumatised by the junk that is labelled 'food' and the effects that these 'ingredients' have not just on our bodies but on our minds, that I lived on nothing but fruit and vegetables for a year. Healthy? Maybe, but far from a balanced diet. 

So after years of experimenting with foods to better my health, I am excited to share my 'healthy' recipes with you, not only because they taste great but because they pack a nutritional punch too!  

Jaci Bailey
Founder, 12 Health.



So just how to our mixes make it into the bag? We're so very glad you asked.

We use an industry leader pharmaceutical blending facility to blend our mixes. Why pharmaceutical? Unlike food facilities, they have the highest standards and capabilities to ensure that there is no cross contamination with any traces of Gluten, Dairy or Soy.

Each and every mix is then tested for any traces elements before they even make the bag.