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Please note some coconut oil residue may be on the outside of the pouches due to the filling process not from leakage 

 Single Origin 
 Cold pressed 
 100% Natural
✓ Heat Stable 

Finding the highest quality coconut oil can be tricky... so we've found it for you. Because not all coconut oil is the same. Made from organic mature coconuts, our oil is cold pressed, has endured a meticulous extraction and production process ready for you to use. Organic, high quality and delicious. Perfect.

Packed in Australia from 100% Organic Coconut Oil from Sri Lanka.

Our organic coconut oil has about 55-57% Lauric Acid content, higher than many other coconut oils which only have around 50%. Made from the pure white coconut flesh by using a cold press expeller process (low temperature extraction) to produce a fine oil. Many other oils are produced from both the white flesh and the internal brown skin (testa), producing a higher yield and lower quality oil with a lower Lauric Acid content.

Per 100ml

Energy - 3700kJ
Protein - 0g
Carbohydrate: 0g
Sugars: 0g
Fat, Total: 100g
Fat, Saturated: 88g
Sodium: 0mg

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